The Pub

St Davids Room. This has an open fire, and is double height right up to the roof beams, it has a great atmosphere. We bought some chairs from St Davids Cathedral in West Wales, hence the name of the Room. It can be used for meetings, or dining. You can take this room for a private party and shut yourself away from everyone else. Seats 24.

The Raven Bar is in two parts. One where you can sit on old Chesterfields and enjoy a Welsh Roasted Coffee and read a paper, or sit up at the Bar and have a few drinks and a chat, maybe complimented by some Welsh Tapas . This room takes its inspiration from Bob the Raven, who was an orphaned Raven chick and was tamed and became a notorious character in the Village. We are fortunate to have the taxidermied Bob on the wall, with some of the stories written about him by Gareth Jones in 1933. He also features in our logo, now he has come home to roost!

The Huntsmans Bar, harks back to the time when The Forest Arms was a Fisherman’s hub. Dylan Thomas, The King of Saudi Arabia, and George Bernard Shaw, to drop a few names…stayed at the Forest Arms to take advantage of the stretch of the River Cothi which was at that time, part of the Business. This room reflects some of that Fishing history. There is a cavernous Fireplace with a wood burner to keep you cosy. A nice place to drink and eat. Seats 20.

The Woolpackers Room reflects agricultural history of Carmarthenshire, with old tools on the walls, and black and white photos reflecting Sheep Farming over the ages. It’s an important part of Brechfa’s history and future. This room suits dining for bigger groups, but could also be used for functions. Seats 28.

We have a large Beer Garden at the rear, with plenty of seating. Surrounded by trees, and right next to the Community run, Brechfa Park.

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The Forest Arms Brechfa, Carmarthenshire, SA32 7RA

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